Building Tomorrow is a locally-led social impact organization ensuring children in rural Uganda can access foundational learning opportunities. With the support of 250 Building Tomorrow Fellows and a corps of more than 7,000 Community Education Volunteers, it has enrolled approximately 55,000 out-of-school children into schools since 2015. Its programs have served over 19,000 learners through Roots to Rise, a literacy and numeracy program.

With UNFCU Foundation’s support, Building Tomorrow is combating the learning crisis and any future disruptions to education through the scaling of Roots to Rise in and beyond the classroom for community- and phone-based delivery:

  • Building Tomorrow will enroll over 2,500 learners, of which 60% will be girls, in Roots to Rise Community, a socially-distanced, community-based program. Given the challenges of in-person education disruption in Uganda, this program will work to ensure that 80% of its participants move up at least one level in literacy or numeracy.
  • Building Tomorrow is also applying UNFCU Foundation’s grant to expand Roots to Rise Ewaka, a low-tech numeracy learning tool for basic mobile phones.

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