AVSI – USA (Association of Volunteers in International Service)

Enhancing the social and economic resilience of vulnerable young women in urban refugee and host communities in Nairobi, Kenya

AVSI – USA invests in individuals and communities worldwide to promote dignity and build resilience in the face of poverty and marginalization. The organization focuses on access to education, livelihood training, psychosocial support and healthcare, including HIV/AIDS treatment and nutrition.

UNFCU Foundation is supporting AVSI-USA's Imarisha Jamii project which will help 250 young women living in informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya. Imarisha Jamii is a compound of two Swahili words: Imarisha (strengthen) and Jamii (community).

Program goals:
  • Train 250 participants ages 13 to 35 on income generating activities, to build and sustain their future businesses
  • Support training and formation of a savings and credit cooperatives
  • Provide access to psychosocial services to the participants, including parenting and life skills
Your donation of:
  • $50.00 will help provide livelihood training for one vulnerable young woman
  • $100 will help provide psychosocial support and livelihood training for one vulnerable young woman