Providing Medical Care to Families in Need: UNFCU Foundation Supports The Floating Hospital's Assistance to Marginalized Women and Their Children

Meet Angela. She was once a desperate and anxious mother looking for help and medical care for her autistic daughter. She now has the tools to care for herself and her two children.

Angela is 28 years old, a single mother living in a shelter with her two children. Her four year-old daughter is autistic. Angela had no support or resources a year ago to care for her daughter and support herself. The entire family was suffering.

The lack of stability and consistent distress of living in a shelter took a toll on Angela's emotional equilibrium. It was also adding to the challenge of parenting a child with special needs. The entire family was suffering. She found help at The Floating Hospital, a community health center in Queens, New York.

Angela's first visit to The Floating Hospital was challenging. She was so anxious she was compulsively vomiting. The medical staff not only paid attention to her daughter, they also took care of Angela. The hospital encouraged Angela to enroll in The Floating Hospital's Behavioral Health Program.

The counselling and therapy program helped Angela to understand her daughter's needs. She learned how to provide the necessary attention and care to raise an autistic child. Through therapy provided at The Floating Hospital, Angela learned how to cope with her anxiety and compulsive behaviors.

Angela and her family are still residing at the shelter. The challenges of COVID-⁠19 have been particularly difficult, in terms of confinement and diminished services. But the support provided by The Floating Hospital has equipped Angela to deal with the pandemic.

The UNFCU Foundation is proud to support The Floating Hospital, which cares for everyone who walks through its doors. The programs provide holistic care for women like Angela facing challenging circumstances in caring for themselves and their families.

With your contribution, we can continue to support programs and services that are improving the lives of women and children. Donate today and help us continue to support this amazing hospital. Rising Together. Empowering Women. Achieving Success.