Cause Story: Trickle Up

Donors like you make life-changing programs possible

At UNFCU Foundation, we help provide skills training to women living in impoverished communities. With supporters and donors like you, we can fund even more projects similar to the Trickle Up Ixcan Project, a livelihood program for marginalized women and girls living in poor, rural communities of Guatemala.

Sixteen-year-old Rutilia and her sisters are graduates of this program. Before joining the livelihoods training program, these young women worked in corn fields while their father and brothers labored in palm plantations. The long and backbreaking work could never generate enough income to support the family’s needs.

Graduating from the Ixcan Project’s program provided Rutilia with a new lease on life. With her sisters, she learned how to start and manage a small business. She gained bookkeeping skills that allowed her to better manage her business and her family’s income.

Rutilia and her sisters started a poultry business with $75.00 of seed money after they completed the program. In their first year, they saved $145 and generated enough profit to diversify their business and increase their revenue.

Finally, the family was able to buy food, clothing, and medicine.

With a donation of $100, others like Rutilia can:
  • Receive technical skills training that allows them to engage in local market activities
  • Learn how to create business plans for sustainable, income-generating activities
  • Receive micro-financing to help kick start small businesses

Imagine how many more girls and their families we can help exit the cycle of poverty with your generous donations.

Because of donors like you, we can transform the lives of vulnerable girls, women, and communities in the United States and abroad.