Cause Story: UN Foundation, Girl Up

"Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom." – Oprah Winfrey

UNFCU Foundation has been a supporter of UN Foundation's Girl Up program with UNFPA Action for Adolescent Girls (AAG) in India and in Guatemala for the past three years. Both programs operate in villages where girls don't complete their education due to early marriages; or because they need to start working at a young age to support their family's financials needs.

In India, our partner operates an asset-building workshop in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The workshop aims to give girls and women in this region the tools to improve their social and economic situations. In 2015, our grant helped 14,000 girls from 611 villages to enroll into the workshop.

An active member and leader of the workshop is Abilasha, forced to drop out of school in 10th grade so that she could work and support her family. She never gave up and eventually, thanks to the program, returned to school in the hope of opening her own bakery.

In Guatemala, our grant provided access to health services, skills training, and the set-up of an asset-building workshop. The participants graduate with a set of skills and understanding that helps them make better decisions about their future. "Only after I've graduated will I think about whether or not I want to get married. I also want to continue with secondary school" said 12-year-old Ursula.

These programs have made a tremendous impact on the lives of girls in India and Guatemala. Ursula added "I hope this workshop continues and that it is able to help more girls have an education and be well, and I hope they will be able to think for themselves too."

A contribution of:
  • $50.00 will help enroll more girls like Ursula and Abilasha into the asset-building workshop for a year.

With your support we can continue these programs and help ensure more girls learn and unlock their own potential for a better future.

Because of donors like you, we can transform the lives of vulnerable girls, women, and communities in the United States and abroad.