Cause Story: Long Island City YMCA

Empowering youth to thrive and reach their full potential

Jubeda, a previously shy and reserved sixteen-year-old girl from Queens, NY, participates in the YMCA programs. These programs are transforming her life, developing her self-confidence and the desire to helping others.

Manna, Jubeda's mother married at a young age in Bangladesh, she stopped school in the 10th grade and did not have the opportunity to continue her education or learn a skill to support herself. For this reason, she encouraged Jubeda to take advantage of all of the programs that the YMCA has to offer to ensure that she gets a strong start towards her future. "I have learned to use my voice to the best of my ability and share the untold yet inspiring story of the beautiful strong woman I call my mother," said Jubeda.

The Long Island City YMCA after school and mentorship program gives youth an environment to learn. They are taught to become leaders and positively impact their communities.

If you are a champion for education and are looking for cause to support, join our efforts and help us provide better futures for youth living in disfranchised communities. Every donation counts and will help us ensure all youth get the same change to succeed in life.

Because of donors like you, we can transform the lives of vulnerable girls, women, and communities in the United States and abroad.