Women deserve access to financial independence

Vocational training enables women to earn higher wages, build important networks, and achieve financial independence. When a woman is equipped with the skills to earn a living, she is empowered to create a better future for herself, and sustain the path out of poverty for good.

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SDG #5: Gender Equality

Our projects advance gender equality and empower all women and girls. Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and achieving it requires empowering women with equal opportunities.

SDG #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our projects help women achieve financial independence through job training and skill building. When women are able to provide for themselves, we move closer to gender equality.

SDG #10: Reduced Inequalities

Our projects reduce inequalities within and among countries. By prioritizing underserved populations and communities, we work towards a world where no one is left behind. 
  • SDG #5
    Gender Equality
  • SDG #8
    Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG #10
    Reduced Inequalities

Our Livelihood Training Projects


Protecting and Empowering Refugee Girls

While safety and shelter are the most urgent needs for refugee women and girls, the ability to earn a living is also a critical piece in building a future. We help refugee women access vocational training programs with our partner RefuSHE.
Women in natural environment
Women baking in a kitchen
Washington, DC, USA

Offering Workforce Training and Support

Securing sustainable employment is an essential step on the way to self-sufficiency. We help women gain transferrable workforce skills, connections to community resources, and access to livable wage job opportunities through our partner Together We Bake.

Creating Educational Paths for Vulnerable Youth

A lack of formal education means that many youths in underserved communities have limited employment options. We help young adults access online learning and broaden their economic opportunities with our partner MindLeaps.


Building Resilience in Africa’s Drylands

Ending poverty requires providing women with the tools to earn a living. We are helping women build sustainable incomes through seed funding, business training, and mentorship with our partner The BOMA Project.

New York

Providing Job Training for Survivors of Abuse

Financial dependence is a barrier for women who need to leave abusive relationships. We provide stipends, career-readiness training, and help survivors secure job placement with our partner Sanctuary for Families.


Creating Opportunities for Ultra-Poor Women

Economic opportunities are limited and difficult to access for women living in extreme poverty. We help ultra-poor women and those with disabilities access financial services and build sustainable livelihoods with our partner Trickle Up.


Supporting Technology for Visually Impaired Students

Computer skills are invaluable for students hoping to access better educational and employment opportunities. We are helping students at the Thika High School for the Blind build these skills through our partner inABLE.

Maryland, USA

Providing Opportunities for Refugees

Stable employment is an essential step in rebuilding for people displaced by conflict and disaster. We are helping refugee women achieve equitable employment through job readiness training and job placement services with our partner International Rescue Committee (IRC).


Offering Mentorship for East African Youth

Disenfranchised youth often lack opportunities to take on constructive roles in their communities. We help youth in Kibera become community role models through mentorship and team-building activities with our partner Kilimanjaro Initiative.


Strengthening Ultra-Poor Women’s Resilience

Women in countries affected by conflict often struggle to reach economic stability. We help these women build resilience to health, economic, and social shocks through access to financial tools with our partner Women for Women International.
New York

Helping Women Achieve Financial Independence

Stable income is a necessity for homeless women looking to secure permanent housing. We help women in shelters attain livable wages through a computer training program that connects graduates with employers through our partner Women in Need (WIN).

Improving Outcomes for Women with Fistula

Obstetric fistula often leaves women isolated from their communities and unable to earn a living. We aid in economic rehabilitation through vocational training and social reintegration care with our partner United Nations Population Fund.
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