MindLeaps creates educational paths for vulnerable youth through a creative arts program that is built on data-driven metrics. It serves youth in extreme poverty, refugee children, and out-of-school youth by providing a variety of education initiatives.

In response to the pandemic and interruption of in-person learning, MindLeaps launched its Virtual Academy, an online business entrepreneurship and life skills learning platform. The platform allows students to access learning on low-bandwidth phones, commonly accessible within the refugee settlements.

With limited formal education, many of the young women served by MindLeaps have very limited employment options that sometimes lead to unsafe working conditions. To counter this, MindLeaps provides safe and impactful training that broadens the range of economic opportunities for the youth they serve.

With UNFCU Foundation’s support, the Virtual Academy program will provide 40 young adults, ages 18–25, including 36 young women living in the Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, with smartphones, data-packs, and six modules of course instruction focused on business and life skills.

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