Our Story

Sustaining the path out of poverty for women and youth

When women and youth have the tools to succeed, they do not travel the path to prosperity alone. Rising together, they bring their families and communities along with them. 

Our global effort fosters lasting change by funding projects that prioritize education, livelihood training, health care, and humanitarian relief. By focusing on these essential rights, a future where all women and youth can choose their own path in life and live up to their full potential is within reach. 

Our History

In 1947, UN members founded the United Nations Federal Credit Union with the goal of serving the financial needs of those who serve the world. Having learned more about the poverty and inequality that the UN witnessed every day, UNFCU was inspired to do more.

With the support of their membership and over 65 years of financial knowledge, UNFCU founded the UNFCU Foundation in 2015.

Our Values

Our values guide all of our decisions and actions. They unite us, and provide a shared understanding of what it means to be a global partner in the movement to end poverty. 

We stand up for gender equality
We lead with integrity and respect
We are resilient and welcome a challenge
We drive change and find solutions

Aligned with the UN to Solve the World’s Biggest Challenges

Our work is guided by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we were founded with a mission to address the first: Ending poverty in all of its forms.

We believe that the most effective way to end poverty is to incorporate several other SDGs into our work. This includes focusing on the empowerment of women and youth, the advancement of equality, and the expansion of economic opportunities.

SDG#3: Good Health and Well-Being

Our projects promote healthy lives and well-being. Access to reproductive care and other health care services is an essential part of ensuring better outcomes for women and youth around the world.

SDG #4: Quality Education

Our projects promote inclusive, quality education for all. Learning creates new opportunities and puts women and youth on the path to financial independence.

SDG #5: Gender Equality

Our projects advance gender equality and empower all women and girls. Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and achieving it requires empowering women with equal opportunities.

SDG #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our projects help women achieve financial independence through job training and skill building. When women are able to provide for themselves, we move closer to gender equality. 

SDG #10: Reduced Inequalities

Our projects reduce inequalities within and among countries. By prioritizing underserved populations and communities, we work towards a world where no one is left behind.

  • SDG #1
    End Poverty
  • SDG #3
    Good Health and Well-Being
  • SDG #4
    Quality Education
  • SDG #5
    Gender Equity
  • SDG #8
    Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • SDG #10
    Reduced Inequalities

Our Combined Strengths

United Nations Partnerships

Our strong connection with the United Nations gives us unique access to resources, information, and a network of experts.

Local Support, Global Impact

Our volunteers give us presence in the communities we support, insight into the best ways to serve, and the ability to drive local impact.

Financial Expertise

Our volunteers bring with them the 75 years of financially sound practices of UNFCU, ensuring every dollar donated is used efficiently.

Our Global Reach

Every donation makes a global impact. Since 2015, our global reach has crossed borders and oceans in order to bring opportunities to the women and youth who need it most.

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