UNFCU Foundation Accepting Grant Applications in June 2015

Focus on reducing poverty through empowerment of women and children

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY :: 4 May, 2015

UNFCU Foundation announced today that it is accepting new grant applications submitted by mail or email from 1 June to 30 June 2015.

The Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, has as its purpose funding projects that work to reduce poverty through education and healthcare, especially among women and children in developing countries and in New York City.

Organizations whose activities or projects support UNFCU Foundation’s aim and match the Foundation’s selection criteria are encouraged to download the grant application available on its website.

Selection criteria used to evaluate grant requests are:

  • Alignment with the UN Millennium Development Goals and Post-2015 Development Agenda
  • Strong track record over at least a three-year period or an extended pilot period
  • Sustainability with access to additional support
  • Ability to track the impact of the project or organization through regular reporting of results

UNFCU Foundation will only consider funding requests of $50,000 or less and will not provide grants for:

  • Organizations without 501(c)(3) exemption or other charitable status
  • Projects without measurable goals and impacts
  • Political campaigns or candidates
  • Religious, fraternal or professional sports organizations
  • Documentaries, performing arts groups or productions
  • Undergraduate scholarships, personal needs or operational expenses/ existing deficits

In September 2015, UNFCU Foundation will notify all applicants of their grant request eligibility.

“Our goal is to transform lives through the alleviation of poverty,” said Pamela Agnone, president of UNFCU Foundation. “By partnering with expert organizations that expand healthcare and educational opportunities for women and children, we can address oppression and healthcare issues head on and together create lasting benefits for those with the greatest needs.”

Donors can contribute to the UNFCU Foundation by various means, including by credit or debit card donations.

About UNFCU Foundation

UNFCU Foundation is a New York-based, non-profit corporation established in 2014. The Foundation is overseen by an independent board of directors who work with an advisory council comprised of volunteers with specialized expertise in a variety of disciplines to evaluate grant requests and project sponsorships.

To learn more, visit www.unfcufoundation.org and follow UNFCU Foundation's progress on Twitter at @UNFCUFoundation and on Facebook at facebook.com/unfcufoundation.

Media Contact

Elisabeth Philippe, UNFCU, ephilippe@unfcufoundation.org, Tel. +1 347-686-6776; Mobile. +1 347 510-4036