International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Providing social integration support and economic empowerment programs for refugee and humanitarian immigrant women in the United States

Founded in 1933, IRC responds to humanitarian crises in 40 countries, including 25 US cities. IRC helps migrants reclaim their lives by providing resettlement, health and wellness, youth, community integration, economic empowerment, interpreter services, and immigration services.

UNFCU Foundation is supporting IRC's employability services for women, a subset of IRC's broader Economic Empowerment Program.

Program goals:
  • Provide migrant women with work readiness training, barrier reduction services, and direct placement into jobs
  • Offer childcare, counseling, low cost assistance programs, and medication services vouchers
Your donation of:
  • $50.00 will cover the cost of bus transportation for one refugee woman attending her first two weeks of work in the United States
  • $200 will cover the cost of an intensive six-week women's employability training for one refugee woman