Annual Reports

Sustaining the path out of poverty for women and youth


Rising Together. Empowering Women. Inspiring Change.

In a year of worldwide health and economic challenges, we provided funding to eight strategic partners and to essential disaster relief efforts. 

Achieving Success
Your contributions helped us support 15 organizations and positively impact 3,400 lives around the world.
Creating Opportunities

Through our partnerships and relief efforts, we supported over 3,200 women and youth on the path to prosperity. 

Power of Empowerment
We supported 12 organizations in providing health care, education, and job training skills to more than 2,400 women and 1,800 youth.

Financial Statements

We are committed to transparency in how we allocate funds. Each year our financial statements are produced by an independent auditor.
Join the Movement
Empower women and youth, inspire change, and end poverty in all forms around the world.