Trickle Up

Helping indigenous women in Guatemala become engines of economic development

Trickle Up believes that investing in individuals in developing countries at the grassroots level is the most effective way to overcome extreme poverty.

UNFCU Foundation is supporting Trickle Up's Desde El Poder Local project in Guatemala. The project uses the Graduation Approach, a combination of skills training, coaching, capital grants, and savings groups. The project helps participants kick start small businesses and increase their household savings.

Trickle Up is working with local governments in indigenous communities in Guatemala to reach more people.

Program goals:
  • Provide skills training to poor indigenous youth, women, and people with disabilities. The program enables them to sell products in local and regional markets.
  • Create individual business plans for sustainable, income generating activities
  • Establish saving groups to increase access to financial services and build solidarity
  • Provide micro-grants to kick start small businesses and income generating activities
  • Offer training and education around health, reproductive and sexual rights, and the rights of people with disabilities
Your donation of:
  • $100 will support formation of one savings group comprised of 20 participants