UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, Africa Fistula Foundation

Socially reintegrating patients in Nigeria through skills training in Nigeria

In Nigeria, obstetric fistula still remains a public health challenge with an estimated 800,000 women afflicted. These women suffer severe medical, psychological and social issues that impact their daily lives. The average cost of fistula treatment—including surgery, post-operative care and rehabilitation support—is USD 400, which is well beyond the reach of most women with the condition. Many are rejected by their own families and communities, and sent away to live in hospitals or other places among women with similar conditions.

The UNFCU Foundation provides funding to UNFPA’s Campaign to End Fistula, with 100% of the funds going to help repaired and/or incurable obstetric fistula patients acquire work skills and to procure machines and other tools.

Program goals:

To socially reintegrate 400 repaired and incurable obstetric fistula patients in Kano, Jigawa, Kebbi and Sokoto States in Nigeria, and to continually monitor and evaluate patient-progress.