Cause Story: UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund

Helping women reclaim their dignity and rebuild their lives

Obstetric fistula has deprived too many women and girls of their dignity. They are often forced to live their lives in isolation after being ostracized by their families and communities. A treatment that is easily accessible in the developed world is non-existent in many impoverished areas of the world.

Because of inadequate maternal health care, Amina suffered from obstetric fistula and its associated stigmas at eighteen years old. With the support of the UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, Amina received life-saving medical treatment and counseling.

Amina now attends a livelihood training program thanks to UNFPA's intervention. Since joining this program, Amina has become the only female seamstress in her village and an advocate for women’s rights. "I was trained and given a sewing machine and other materials. My life was changed completely," said Amina.

In support of our partner UNFPA, UNFCU Foundation has assisted 355 women since 2015 in regaining their dignity and finding the strength to rebuild their lives. Sadly, there are still many women and girls who are suffering from the damages caused by obstetric fistula, abandoned by their spouses and families because of their medical condition.

A contribution of:
  • $400 will provide a woman with life-saving medical treatment to repair the damage caused by obstetric fistula.
  • $200 will provide vocational training that will help the fistula patient gain the skills needed to support themselves.
With your generous donations, more women and girls will gain access to life-saving treatments, learn a skill, and heal from the trauma caused by obstetric fistula.