Engaged by dance classes and encouraged by ongoing educational support, François gained a renewed sense of hope for his future.  

After the death of his parents and twin brother, François was forced to flee the Democratic Republic of Congo. He arrived in Kampala, Uganda, sleeping on the streets and lacking the support he needed to cope with the traumatic stress. 

He began attending a program run by MindLeaps, an innovative nonprofit that employs educators, social workers, and dance instructors to support underserved youth. There, he began to gain a sense of hope.  

With the support of the program, François returned to school. He was in the middle of his last year of high school when the COVID-19 pandemic sent Uganda into lockdown. With the stabilizing structure of school temporarily gone, François felt at risk of setback.  

During this time, MindLeaps pivoted its curriculum to a virtual model, and provided educational support to students who could not attend school. As François said, “The virtual academy has kept me positive and focused on my dreams. It has taught me that in very difficult moments, you can always find a solution.” 

MindLeaps is a UNFCU Foundation grantee, sponsored to help underserved youth pursue educational opportunities.