Empowered to develop her food production and business administration skills, Jacqueline is employed and confident in her abilities. 

From a young age, Jacqueline was sexually abused. This abuse, and a lack of support to cope with it, triggered a cycle of depression and addiction that ultimately led to time in prison for drug-related charges.  

Upon her release, Jacqueline was determined to create a better life for herself. She wanted to focus on her sobriety and recovery, and sought employment as a first step to establishing stability. Unfortunately, she was repeatedly turned down by employers because of her prior conviction.  

This is when she was encouraged to get involved with Together We Bake, a job training and personal development program for women facing barriers to self-sufficiency. Many of these women have been previously incarcerated, or are facing homelessness.  

“I have hope and confidence to become self-sufficient.”

With the support of the Together We Bake team, Jacqueline felt accepted and encouraged. Through their program, she also gained skills and hands-on training that helped her secure a job. Now financially independent, she is able to focus on her sobriety and is studying to take her GED exam.  

Together We Bake is a UNFCU Foundation grantee, sponsored to help women gain transferable workforce skills and sustainable employment.