After completing a landscaping course and building up her confidence, Alejandra now excels in her field. 

In her home country of El Salvador, Alejandra was a talented landscaper and roofer. But when she was forced to flee to the United States because of safety concerns, she had to restart her career.  

After arriving in Maryland, she was connected with the Silver Spring office of the International Rescue Committee (IRC). This organization works to provide opportunities for refugees and other immigrants, and help translate their past experience into economic self-reliance.  

With IRC support, Alejandra enrolled in an English language course, as well as a landscaping course. These programs helped develop her natural leadership skills, and build up her confidence as she sought employment.  

After completing these courses, Alejandra secured a job at a local landscaping company. She quickly proved her skills, and is now one of the top employees on her team.  

International Rescue Committee (IRC) is a UNFCU Foundation grantee, sponsored to provide opportunities for refugees, asylees, and other immigrants in America.