Causes We Support

Together we can end poverty, in all its forms, everywhere.

We start by empowering women and youth, giving them resources and opportunities to rise on their own. Our global Advisory Council gives us a local presence in the communities we support. With this insight, we see the direct impact of donations, and can determine the best way to use our resources.

Your contributions help sponsor programs spanning four essential categories:

Healthcare Education Livelihood training Humanitarian relief


It is said that nothing in life is more valuable than good health—even so, it is often taken for granted. When your health suffers, even small tasks can feel overwhelming. Those financially struggling are at least three times more likely to experience mental health problems, and in the battle against poverty, health is invaluable.

At UNFCU Foundation, we find and fund projects that bring healthcare—for both the body and mind—to those who need it the most.


When it comes to opportunity, education is perhaps the most important factor. An education not only prepares you for the road ahead; it can protect you from the dangers along the journey. Education is an especially powerful factor in a woman's life to ensure her independence. Children are also more likely to survive the first five years of life when their mother is educated.

Our partners share skills and knowledge with women and children so that they may always continue to learn.

Livelihood training

When women work, they invest 90% of their income back into their families, compared with 35% for men. However, in many poverty-stricken communities, women run the household and are not able to earn income. Finding a way out of this cycle is especially challenging with children to care for and little time to learn a new trade.

We support programs that help teach women and young adults new skills to earn their own income.

Humanitarian relief

A disaster is hard enough to recover from on its own; coupled with the overwhelming force of poverty, it can be truly devastating. Somehow, losing everything can be even worse when you have so little.

Our partners work to provide crucial humanitarian relief—like food, water, and shelter—to vulnerable communities. With a safe and steady foundation, survivors can start to rebuild their lives.